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Respecting Burgundian Lands

Wines Selection

From grape selection to bottling, we particularly care about the expression of terroirs, so as to deliver their aromatic characteristics in every bottle of wine. We usually take into account the quality of the soils, the work of our partner winegrowers, and also the health and exposure of vines.
We carry out meticulous researches and parcels follow-ups long before. First of all, we execute a visual work, thanks to our winegrowers' information. Then we act more technically, with winegrowing follow-up, in order to advise our partners about various decisions we will take concerning the vine parcels.

Respecting grapes

A quality wine is, above all, a natural wine. This is why we interfere as less as possible during wine making. Indeed, since each year is different, we think that adapting our wine making style for every vintage is important. As a result, we focus on taste and sensitive aspects more than analysis results or wine making forms.

Traditional Vinification and Maturing